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£200,000 settlement for woman left infertile following mismanagement of miscarriage

Rebecca Drew secured financial settlement of £200,000 on behalf of 44-year-old Caroline* who suffered infertility following the misdiagnosis and subsequent mismanagement of a miscarriage. 

At roughly 8 weeks pregnant, Caroline spotted blood and attended Leighton Hospital. She was told that she had miscarried. Caroline opted for medical management to complete the miscarriage, and was administered Misoprostol on two occasions. She was informed that her miscarriage was still incomplete and that she required surgical management. She requested an ultrasound to confirm this, but a scan was never performed and surgery by way of Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPC) went ahead.

Following the surgery, Caroline's menstrual cycle did not return and she was diagnosed with Asherman's Syndrome, usually caused by scar tissue in the uterus or the cervix. She suffered from sub-fertility for two years. By the point at which her fertility returned, her chances of successfully conceiving and carrying a baby to term had significantly reduced.

The Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which oversees Leighton Hospital, admitted that had an ultrasound scan been performed as requested, it would have shown a complete miscarriage and therefore surgery (and loss of fertility) would have been avoided.

Following settlement, Caroline said:

"Rebecca has supported me every step of the way, through an extremely raw, emotional and complicated legal battle. It has been a very long process with the defendant causing delays at every stage.

"Words cannot express my gratitude. I could not have done this on my own and would not have wanted anyone else fighting my corner. I am so grateful it is finally over and the outcome was positive. I cannot recommend Rebecca enough."

*name changed

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