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Our purpose

Our commitment to a socially responsible business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key element of our development strategy. Our CSR Group includes our Managing Partner, Michael Chissick, the Head of HR, our Director of Operations and a number of partners and support staff. Our CSR Programme is organised into four main workstreams:

  • pro bono and community involvement
  • charities
  • environmental
  • Fieldfisher Community

Linked to our CSR policy is the Diversity Action Group which is driving forward our commitment to developing and nurturing a culture of diversity and equality in the workplace.

All these workstreams are governed by our CSR Principles:

  • to behave ethically 
  • to contribute positively to the economic and natural environment 
  • to improve the quality of life for our own staff, for the local community and for society at large
  • our CSR Policy

CSR is about the way we run our business: it goes wider than discrete acts of benevolence towards external people and organisations. CSR to us means being aware that the way we manage our business has an impact across many other communities, locally and globally. It means seeking to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impact of everything we, and the individuals who make us up, do.

Because it is about the way we run our business, activities which harm our business are not part of CSR.

The Group has adopted the following core principles. Our CSR activities should:

  • constitute ethical behaviour 
  • contribute to the economic or physical environment 
  • improve the quality of life for our staff 
  • improve the quality of life for the local community and for society at large

To support those principles, CSR activities will be assessed according to:

  • connection with the firm, in terms of locality or activity
  • internal rewards and risks
  • longevity
  • cost
  • making a difference