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Irish Life Tables No. 17



The 17th edition of the Irish Life Table was recently released by the CSO, and it clearly illustrates a strong and continuing increase in life expectancy amongst Irish people.
A sustained increase in life expectancy has been a constant trend in Irish Life tables over the last century, with Irish life expectancy having increased by almost six years since 2000, by 10 years since 1970,[1] and by over 22 years since 1925.[2] Indeed, with Irish life expectancy now at an all-time high of 81.5 years (79.6 for men, & 83.4 for women), Ireland now has the 8th highest life expectancy rate in the EU.[3]

Future mortality projections from the CSO show that Irish life expectancy will continue to increase at an average rate of 1.2 years every five years until 2050.[4] It is expected that male life expectancy will continue to increase at a faster rate than that of women. This faster rate of life expectancy increase among men will ultimately eliminate the current gap that exists between male and female life expectancy. Indeed, a study examining the faster rate of male life expectancy increase in the UK has predicted that male and female Life expectancy in Wales and England will be at parity by 2032.[5] A similar timescale for male and female life expectancy reaching parity can be expected in Ireland.

Written by Killian O'Reilly and Robin Stratford
[5] Mayhew, Les & Harper, Gillian & Villegas, Andrés. (2019). An investigation into the impact of deprivation on demographic inequalities in adults. Annals of Actuarial Science. 10.1017/S1748499520000068.

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