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Global Online Safety Regulators Network



The Global Online Safety Regulators Network ("the Network") was first launched in November 2022 to pave the way for a coherent international approach to online safety regulation which provides regulators with opportunities to share information, experience and best practices.

Coimisiún na Meán ("The Commission") is a member of the Network that comprises of a diverse range of regulatory bodies from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, France, Fiji and Republic of Korea.

The Network has recently published a Position Statement. The key theme is one of shared commitment to regulatory coherence and coordination. The Network set out three main reasons for why they are promoting coherence and coordination:

  • Neither the risks people face online, nor the online services they use, are confined to national or continental borders
  • Collective influence on an international basis can help achieve the safety outcomes set out in each members online safety rules
  • Developing regulatory tools and approaches together means there is a better chance of keeping abreast of novel and important developments.

While there is a great degree of commonality in respect of the aims of each Member i.e. preventing and responding to online harms that impact individuals and communities, rules can differ. For example, in respect of information gathering and enforcement, there is a lack of oversight and transparency by the regulatory bodies in Fiji and Republic of Korea in comparison with the other 5 Network Members.

The Network has also developed its first workstreams aimed at advancing regulatory coordination amongst members. For example, there are working groups that bring together members to discuss and collaborate on specific issues in online safety regulation i.e. Artificial Intelligence. In addition, there is also an observer programme that allows Members that steamlines direct engagement between regulators and the online safety community.

Relevance for Coimisiún na Meán

As a newly established regulator, the Network will act as a strong pillar of support for the Commission as it seeks to carry out its statutory functions in a rapidly developing global digital landscape.

You can view the Position Statement here.

If you require any advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Sinéad Taaffe or Damien Watson of this office.

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