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Distribution and Franchise

Fieldfisher Spain has over 30 years of experience in providing consultancy to catering, retail and service companies expanding in Spain through franchising, master franchise agreements, area development agreements, licence and joint venture options.

At Fieldfisher Spain, we provide comprehensive consultancy, among others, to some of the most internationally renowned franchise networks, which includes consultancy services in franchisee relations, assistance in litigation with franchisees and franchisee associations, the purchase of franchisee networks, consultancy in cases of encroachment, competition legislation, with regard to supplier agreements and, in general, all issues relating to the expansion and redesign of networks or adaptation of business concepts to the Spanish legal framework. In addition, we provide consultancy services to foster regulatory changes.

The Fieldfisher Spain Franchise and Distribution team is reinforced with lawyers from the industrial and intellectual property, e-commerce, privacy and data safety, real estate, business and employment taxation divisions.

Fieldfisher Spain hosts the meetings of the Spanish Franchise Association in its headquarters, whose Legal Consultant (since 1993) and Chairman of the Expert Committee (since 2004) form part of the firm.