Our Medical Negligence team recovered £1 million damages for glamour model and TV personality, EJ, in a claim against breast surgeon, Nigel Sacks. EJ instructed solicitors Samantha Critchley and Rosie-Anna Lidiard for her plastic surgery negligence claim.




EJ underwent surgery in February 2004 to replace her breast implants. During the procedure Mr Sacks negligently detached both pectoral muscles from the chest wall which resulted in the right implant migrating across to the left breast. She was left with asymmetry, severe pain and limitation of movement in her right shoulder. EJ was very distressed by her altered appearance. 

After the surgery EJ received notification from Mr Sacks that he was unable to continue to treat her for ‘administrative reasons’. It transpired that ‘administrative reasons’ in fact referred to criminal proceedings in which Mr Sacks was charged with nineteen counts of fraud in relation to a private health insurer. In June 2008, Southwark Crown Court stayed an indictment on the basis that Mr Sacks was unfit to undergo trial. Thereafter the General Medical Council (GMC) instigated proceedings which culminated in a fitness to practice hearing in 2010. It was again put forward on behalf of Mr Sacks that he was medically unfit to engage in the hearing and the GMC accepted his voluntary erasure from the doctors register.

EJ struggled to find another surgeon to operate and so the negligence was not discovered until September 2006 when her implants were permanently removed. EJ was left with a very poor cosmetic result, psychiatric injury and was unable to pursue her career. We obtained expert evidence from a plastic surgeon, a psychiatrist, a forensic accountant and leading expert in the reality TV business to help us quantify the claim.

The matter was set for trial on 25 September 2012. We were able to secure an admission of liability in early September and just days before trial negotiations resulted in a settlement of £1 million. This was an excellent result, considering the Defendant’s starting offer had been £8,000. In addition EJ had initially been to two other firms of solicitors who were unable to pursue her claim. When Samantha Critchley took the case on EJ was acting as a litigant in person.


After the case had concluded, EJ said:

"Thank you Sam and Rosie for your dedicated and talented hard work and determination with my case. You are the best in both your professional and client care. This was the most difficult and traumatic time of my life and you stood by me throughout and I will be forever grateful. You always kept me informed with everything and even after hours, on holidays and weekends, you were always there for me."


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