Fieldfisher solicitors acted for a young boy who suffered a significant brain injury following failures by his GP, Dr Weinbren and the Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust to diagnose and treat pneumococcal meningitis.

He was seen at A & E at Lewisham Hospital and sent home despite having worrying signs of a critical illness. He was seen after that by the GP Dr Weinbren who had the opportunity to admit him but did not. By the time he was admitted to hospital 5 days later he was in a critical condition and he went on to suffer permanent brain damage.

He has been left with a mild hemiplegia as well as significant problems with intellectual function and behaviour. He will not be able to live independently and the compensation is to enable support workers to be employed to assist him.

The compensation means that he will be able to move to a suitable home with his family. The settlement reflects that he will not be able to work and compensates him for a loss of earnings.


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