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Sky News highlights the the campaign to get the British Government to provide financial support to British Citizens caught up in terrorist atrocities abroad.

Currently, if a British Citizen is involved in such atrocities whilst abroad, little financial support is available upon their return to the UK. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme compensated those involved in the London 7/7 bombings. It is restricted however to incidents that occur in the UK.

Many other countries do provide support and schemes for their own citizens involved in such atrocities whilst abroad; recognising that individuals should not pay for what in effect is an attack on society.

It is hoped that the government will agree that a scheme should be put in place and that it is made retrospective, to assist those for example who were involved in Bali, Sharm el Sheikh, Turkey and of course Mumbai.


Jill Greenfield Sky News appearance

Jill Greenfield, a Partner at Fieldfisher and who has been heavily involved in the campaign, speaking to
Sky news.


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