Fatal Accident Claims

Our personal injury team are specialists fatal accident claims solicitors. It is unfortunate that many people die in accidents and leave behind devastated loved ones. If the fatal accident was someone else's fault, the family of the deceased may be able to make a fatal accident claim.

Our dedicated solicitors act on a 'no win, no fee' basis. We have won fatal accident claims to compensate for fatal injuries sustained in:


Mesothelioma and medical negligence

We have also pursued fatal claims on behalf of families whose loved one died as a result of an industrial disease, including mesothelioma and lung cancer which developed because of asbestos exposure.

Our medical negligence team has won many claims for the families of those who have died because of medical negligence.


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Fatal injury claim

Making a personal injury claim for compensation will obviously not be the first thing those loved ones think of but in some cases it will be essential for the family to carry on after the death. For example, if a man is killed in road accident, leaving behind his wife who looks after their children, she may have no way of providing for those children in his absence.

Because fatal injury claims are so important for the family left behind, you need a personal injury team with experience of dealing with complicated and high value claims as well as a firm which can act with compassion and empathy towards the deceased's family.


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