Air Crash Claims

Peter Williams is an expert in aircraft and aviation claims and represent clients who have been involved in plane crashes. We also act for the families of those who have died in plane crashes.


Kegworth Air Disaster

Rodney Nelson-Jones acted for passengers and members of cabin crew who were involved in the Kegworth air disaster (also known as the M1 motorway crash). Rodney recovered compensation for many of the Northern Irish victims of a British Midlands flight which crashed onto the embankment of the M1 motorway near Kegworth, Leicestershire.

The scheduled flight was travelling from London Heathrow airport to Belfast and was attempting to conduct an emergency landing at East Midlands Airport when it crashed in 1989. Of the 126 people aboard, 47 died and 74, including seven members of the flight crew, sustained serious injuries.

Rodney was also a member of the solicitors' steering committee arising out of the Kegworth Air Disaster


Plane crash claim

If you or a member of your family have been involved in a plane crash please contact Peter Williams to discuss your legal claim. Our specialist solicitors act on a no win, no fee basis. 

We understand that for the survivors of such accidents the injuries will be both physical and psychological. Our solicitors will make sure that you are getting the proper care, rehabilitation and treatment.

The aviation industry has an excellent reputation for safety and maintains extremely high standards. But when things do go wrong we have the experience and knowledge to help.

Peter Williams acts for victims of many aircraft accidents and disasters, including:

  • Surat Thani air crash in Thailand
  • Kegworth air disaster/M1 motorway crash 
  • Nepal
  • Zambia
  • the family of a man who was killed in an plane crash in Peru


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