Weiwei Gu, Associate - Anti-trust law, Beijing

Weiwei Gu, Associate - Anti-trust law, Beijing, Fieldfisher

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I am an Associate in the Beijing office of Fieldfisher China.

I advise clients on antitrust law including merger control, antitrust compliance and training, antitrust review of commercial contracts, monopoly agreements, abuse of dominance, antitrust investigations, and antitrust litigation. I am also greatly-experienced at standardization law and ICT compliance.

Prior to joining Fieldfisher, I served at the Ministry of China and worked with an international NGO. I have extensive experience working on both ICT compliance, policy analysis and lobbying. I have worked with local regulators and leading multi-national ICT enterprises.

I am very knowledgeable on the P.R.C technical regulation system and the antitrust regime in China. I have provided consulting services in the Chinese ICT market on areas relating to antitrust, market entrance, EE&EP, and standardization issues. I am one of a handful of Chinese lawyers to have both a strong academic background and a rich history of practical experience in the ICT sector.

I work with clients in both Mandarin and English.


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