Mike Delaney, Partner, Fieldfisher Consulting

Mike Delaney, Partner, Fieldfisher Consulting, Fieldfisher

I am Managing Partner of Fieldfisher Consulting. I have a wealth of experience designing and implementing complex change and in advising boards and coaching senior executives. I've worked across multiple industries but with a particular focus on the healthcare and life sciences sector and I bring a work a sharp focus on strategic intent, business goals, desired outcomes and what needs to get done to achieve these.

I'm a former Partner in KPMG where I led the UK Healthcare Consulting practice and later the Canadian Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice. Subsequently, as a Partner with PWC Consulting and then IBM, I led the UK life sciences business and later the European healthcare business. I played a leading role in the design and implementation of change, restructuring and reform, including innovative public/private sector joint ventures, in healthcare systems around the world, working across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. I created one of the first consulting firm thought leadership institutes at KPMG Canada and launched a research based quarterly ‘Discourse on Health’ which received national recognition and acclaim.

In life sciences, I helped clients transform their commercial operations and supply chains in response to healthcare system reform including the creation of new business strategies and routes to market and i've assisted and advised clients to develop new product development and commercialization strategies in a number of therapeutic areas.

I was CEO of a global healthcare and life sciences business intelligence and research organisation working with clients to optimize product commercialization, pricing and market and was Managing Director of specialist medical professional indemnity insurance business where he established and implemented a successful growth strategy.

I recently led the design and launch of a new Not for Profit intermediary to facilitate better engagement and joint working between the NHS and the life science industry, utilising real world data as a basis for sophisticated business intelligence and informatics to support drug development and the identification of opportunities to redesign services and patient pathways.

Alongside his consulting work, for the last two years i've been a non-executive member of the Board of NHS Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, one of the largest CCGs in the country where he has a particular interest in driving system integration and innovation led change. I currently lead the development of a Social Impact Bond for the transformation of services for people with complex presentations.

I'm an Associate Fellow of the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI).

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