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Immigration is, or should be, at the forefront in the minds of emerging growth companies expanding into Europe. In addition to the increased globalisation of trade, the transfer of employees of major multinationals into the UK and into Europe continues at pace, either to work for the multinational itself or as part of an outsourcing project. 

We advise on obtaining relevant approvals to work in the UK and in Europe as well as approvals to continue to reside in those countries.

Applications are sometimes refused and our lawyers work hard on potential contingency plans. Under the new points based system in the UK we are used to obtaining sponsor licences and advising on sole representative applications under extreme time pressure. At your instruction, we will not only monitor but also check that your employees have the right to work, we will hold training sessions and will attend audits by the UK Border Agency.

We work with UK Trade & Investment both in the UK and its consulates overseas to help with potentially difficult applications. We pride ourselves in finding commercial solutions to urgent issues for new inward investors and for later stage companies.