Questions about how Brexit might impact you? 

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At Fieldfisher, we offer practical guidance and insight on what businesses in the UK, Europe and across the world should be doing now following the UK's referendum vote to leave the EU.


What should I be doing now?

The actions you should be taking will depend upon the nature of your business.  However, steps most companies should consider now include:

  • Review your contractual arrangements and identify any aspects that assume the UK to be in the EU or which include provisions that might be triggered by material changes in GDP or deal with change of laws.
  • Are you vulnerable to third parties seeking more beneficial financial terms as a result of Brexit or is there an opportunity for you to seek better terms.
  • Identify current and proposed rules, based on EU law, which are particularly relevant for your business; for example food regulations, EU-wide medicine licences, or passporting for financial services.
  • Identify your dealings with any EU or pan-European regulators or agencies, including any that provide funding. 
  • Consider developing a government relations strategy (whether directly or through an industry group) so that you can influence the rules that apply, or may in future apply, to your business.
  • Consider the impact on your suppliers and customers.


What changes will there be as a result of Brexit and how can Fieldfisher help you?

We can help you to maximise the opportunities presented by Brexit as well as mitigating the risks.  We have already worked with many of our clients to identify the current and proposed EU based laws that they wish to keep or secure in place and those that they might wish to see changed.  We are helping clients devise strategies for engaging with investors and financiers, suppliers and customers, and regulatory authorities.

Our latest Brexit Hot Topics can help you keep track of the current key areas on Brexit and their potential impact for businesses.

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